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About Peter Graphics

Who we are

Peter Graphics has been serving the Real Estate industry in the GTA since 1989. Signs are one of the most important ways to advertise for all markets, not just Real Estate.

Most Real Estate agents will agree that it is important to get your face recognized within the community you serve as an experienced Real Estate agent and what better way is there than to have your face displayed on every house you represent? This all starts with a sign.



Our Process

Step 1: Place your order. This can be done online, by phone or which ever way is most convenient for YOU.

Step 2: Our designers now get to work and design the perfect sign for you and just the way you want it.

Step 3. Once the design is complete, we send you an email with the proof for you to approve. Would you like to change something? No problem, just ask our designer and he will make the modifications you need.

Step 4: Once your happy, and only once your happy do we send the the order to print.


Why Choose us

At Peter Graphics, we have the highest quality printers meaning you get the best quality print available. Our printers only use 3M certified inks and are printed in a print shop that has been accredited as a 3M Platinum Select Provider. We live and breath quality and can't wait for you to see this for yourself by one of our great Real Estate signs.

What sets us apart from everyone else is our desire to customize each sign to your unique desires. Want your picture on it? No problem. Want your name a little bigger? We can do that. Give us a call today or send us an email if you have any further questions.


Kaleb Hosie

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