How would you rate the successfulness of your real estate business? Whether you are new to the business or you have multiple sales under your belt, it is likely there is more you could be doing to increase sales and grow your customer base. Here is a list of a few tools you can use to get more people knocking at your door:



So you have a website, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account—that is great! However, are you utilizing one of the most powerful tools at your disposal? Video. Better yet, YouTube. If we are being honest, people can be a tad lazy. Sometimes watching a video is a lot easier than reading a giant page full of text. YouTube has over 4 billion views every day.

We looked up “real estate tips” on YouTube, some videos had over 100,000 hits, and the rest of them were all in the hundreds or thousands. Consider  posting videos on your page that offer helpful advice about purchasing a home, securing lending, home inspections, selling a home and improving credit so they can land a loan.

Another option: Consider posting video tours of some of your homes. Clients will get a better look and feel for the layout of the home.


A Good Digital Camera:

Photos sell homes. More often, interested home buyers are searching the internet for homes before seeing actual homes. A bad photo can leave a bad impression about your business and a bad impression about the home.

Invest in a decent digital camera (you can easily get one for around $100) and learn how to take good photos. Take photos from different angles and encourage the seller to keep the home clean, and as bare as possible to make the photos more attractive.