No matter how well your business is doing, it can always be better. Take some time to implement one or two new tools to see how they work for you.


Paperless tools:

You can make a little less work for yourself by investing in several tools that allow you to save a few trees and make sending/receiving documents a snap. Two popular tools include The Paperless Agent and DocuSign. Both are secure services that allow access to important documents from a computer or other mobile device.


Mad Writing Skills:

What you say about a home listed on your site is as important as the photos you take. Though most descriptions will be short, they should be powerful and interesting. Additionally, you could (read should) add information about the community you work in. Individuals moving from out of the area will be happy to see helpful information about local goings-on, schools and transportation options.


Google Adwords:

Do you want to know what people are searching for when they are looking for a real estate agent in your area? Check out Adwords to find the most popular search words and phrases and try to incorporate them into the content on your website. Do not forget to use the key words in tags for your photos and videos as well.