Our minimum order quantities is one of the biggest questions so we wanted to answer a number of the most popular questions:


I only need 1 for sale sign. Why is your minimum order quantity 5 or 6?

The primary reason why we have the minimum order quantity is because it's based upon the certain size of coroplast and PVC sheets that are fed into our press. We have carefully reviewed the minimum order quantities for each product we sell so as to ensure we make full use of the sheets which in turn minimizes scrap material.

If we printed a lower amount, such as 1 for sale sign than the rest of the board would go to waste which is not environmentally friendly.

Will you be willing to sell me less than the minimum order quantity?

Yes, we would be happy to take into account your special needs.

It's important to realize though, if you order less than the minimum order quantity, this will increase scrap material. For this reason, we would need to increase the price for each sign to cover the costs of the wasted material. Please contact us personally and we would be glad to get you a quote for whatever you would like.