We sometimes receive complaints that the photo on an agent's sign looks different than they expected. This can sometimes be caused by an error with the printing press or the way that the file was setup but often times, there are many more reasons that can cuase this.


In cases where the agent is not happy with their image, we always try to make the situation right but it's important to understand what is involved in printing


Here are the most popular questions we have received as well as the answers:


Why does the image on my proof looks different than the image I see printed?:

All comptuer monitors and mobile device screens display colors and images differently so its understandable that printing presses may print differently as well.


A lot of time and effort has been put into color profiling our printing presses so that it will print the most accurate colors. This is done by profiling the printer to accurately print "Pantone" colors. This ensures that the logos of companies are printed using the most accurate color system.


When designing a sign, if we notice an issue that may cause the agent to not be satisfied with the image printed, we always try to bring it to the customers attention however each person's expectations are different (ie. "the image is too bright", "too dark", "too yellow", "colors are not earthy enough", etc, etc) so this doesn't always happen.


The image on my business cards/brochures looks fine and it's the same photo:

There are a few different reasons for this.

Printer: Each printing press prints differently, uses different ink manufacterers, or may print using RGB (Red/Green/Blue) instead of CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black). Our press prints using 8 different colors CcMmYyKkW (Cyan/Light Cyan/Magenta/Light Magenta/Yellow/Light Yellow/Black/Light Black & White) which gives it a higher accuracy.

Material: Colors will look different depending upon whether you print on cardstock, plastic, aluminum, etc.

Size: Although this doesn't change the colors, size can fool your eye! For example, lets say your picture shows a blemish in your skin; it may not bother you when it's printed on a small business card but the blemish will become much more noticable if we print that picture 20ft tall. Similarly, the colors in a photo become more apparent when you print them larger.


Can I get a sample made?

This greatly depends upon the size of your order. If your placing a large enough order than we would welcome this to ensure that you are satisified with the final product. Starting our press to make 1 sample sign is expesive and wastes a lot of material so we discourage this on smaller orders


Does this mean that I have no idea what my picture will look like?

Not at all! A very high percentage of our customers are thrilled at the image quality and color of their photos. Although only a small percentage of agents take issue with their photo, it's important to understand that there needs to be a tollerance between what you see on screen and what is printed.


What is an acceptable tollerance between what I see on screen and whats printed?

This is a tough question to answer because there is no way to quantify this. This means that each case is different and needs to be judged accordingly however we have provided an example below of to give an example:

Original Image  Skin tone is a bit more yellow
   Would not replace
 Skin tone looks very yellow  Very dark
 Would reprint free of charge   Would reprint free of charge